About The Flower House…

Hi, I’m Serena, the florist, creator, photographer, admin assistant, logistics manger, social media director, delivery driver and all the rest at The Flower House!

I started FH accidently in October 2020, 6 days into a short intensive course I bit the bullet and created a social media account, @FLOWERHOUSEHF! Which most of you now follow religiously for floral content and lots of behind the scenes action.

Relocating from the North to the Midlands meant I had a fresh start, and a job I was not passionate about; in the lockdown I realised I was lacking a hobby I absolutely loved, so along came my passion for flowers. This definitely sprung from my family’s love of gardening and my grandma’s talent for flower arranging. With a little helping hand, and a big nudge from my friends and family, we created a brand that’s now everyone’s go to for everything floral!

If it wasn’t a birthday, event, or seasonal celebration full of FH, did it even happen?

My ambitions are big, and one day I think I’d love a florist shop. But for now I have a beautiful home studio, which you will see when coming to collect your orders. This studio is by appointment only. If you wish to visit us, our weekly markets are always a lovely way to see what I offer, and meet the face behind the brand! Check out our Marketplace page for more details.

FH aspires to reach as many of you lovely locals as possible, and I want to be able to show everyone what real flowers can really look like, the unique and diverse stem choice, and the incredible longevity that has my customers retuning time and time again!

I hope you love this brand as much as I do & welcome to the Flower Family!